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  1. Gluboost Video Test Post

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  2. Tonetech Newsletter, Amana Router Bits

    Amana Newsletter
  3. What do you call your guitar?

    Steve Walwyn's "The Plank" Our favourite music journalist Lars Mullen has written an amusing piece about guitarists who name their guitars. We'd love to find out what guitars you have that you have named, and why? We're offering a guitar tech kit worth £110 as a prize for the comment we like best. Read Lar's article then in the comment...
  4. Hosco Step Gauge Tool

    Hosco’s latest luthier tool is a 3 function step gauge. This gauge measures string height, nut slot height and fret crown height. The gauge is delicate as it is only 0.1mm thick. It is supplied in a neat protective metal case. See Hosco’s video showing the tool in action.
  5. October 2017 Newsletter

    View this email in your browser Probably Europe's favourite luthier supplier 30th October, London International Guitar Show. Tonetech is exhibiting for the first time at the London International Guitar Show at Kempton Park Racecourse on Sunday 30th October.  We’d love to meet some of our Southern customers so why not come along and say hello. We’ll be bringing the new ToneUp range...
  6. Dealing with Wood Dust

    Dealing With Wood Dust Finding a suitable dust extractor for a small workshop is not an easy job. On the one hand, you may not want to spend a lot of money, yet on the other hand, what is the price of your health? In the UK the H.S.E. website has lots of great information on controlling dust in a...
  7. Summit Fret Setting tools

    Summit Fret Setting Tools The new fret setter has been designed to overcome the shortcomings of other fret setters on the market. 2 sizes of radii to match the common profiles of fret wire. sloping shoulder of the radiussed head raises the string to avoid accidentally "crimping" the guitar string. Made of Brass to ensure the fret crowns are preserved...
  8. Guitar Soundboard Construction Seminar

    Tonetech’s first “education” event was held on July 16th 2017. Guitar Maker, Jim Fleeting gave a fascinating presentation on the subject of the guitar soundboard. He covered all aspects of soundboard design and construction. The audience were treated to some “insider” secrets that Jim had learned during his training at the Roberto Venn Luthier school in America, and during seminars...
  9. Bailey Online Guitar Courses

    On-line Guitar Making courses Mark Bailey, of Bailey guitars, has produced some amazing online courses for people interested in learning more about guitar design and guitar making. Mark is a renowned luthier and has delivered guitar making courses to over 400 students from his workshop in Maybole, Scotland. Design Your Own electric Guitar His online Design your own Guitar course provides the...
  10. TONE UP 3D Bass Bridge

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