On-line Guitar Making courses

Mark Bailey, of Bailey guitars, has produced some amazing online courses for people interested in learning more about guitar design and guitar making. 
Mark is a renowned luthier and has delivered guitar making courses to over 400 students from his workshop in Maybole, Scotland.

Design Your Own electric Guitar

His online Design your own Guitar course provides the fundamentals to produce a plan to make your own guitar.  Mark clearly lays out how to draw the plan, and how to ensure all the components fit the anatomy of the guitar.  Even if you never want to build your own guitar, this course gives you a fascinating insight into the world of guitar design.  

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Build your own Electric Guitar

Build your Own Guitar-ONLINE is an amazing, comprehensive tutorial.  Mark takes you through every detail in the making of an electric guitar.  He includes the design course and then takes you step by step through the tools you need (not as many as you think), choosing wood, safety, making jigs and patterns, and all the way through the woodwork bits and on to the hardware and wiring.

In addition to all this, you have access to Mark to get any questions you have about the build answered.  Once you’ve signed up you can ask Mark questions directly or use the online community to help you.

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Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar 

If acoustic guitars are more your thing, worry not!  Mark has a Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar-ONLINE course.  It covers design, safety, wood choice, jigs, patterns tips and tricks to help you make a success of your acoustic guitar build.  Mark can also provide a kit of all the wood parts you need, including thicknessed tops and backs, already joined, and radiussed and slotted fingerboards.  These “pre-prepared” parts are probably the ones that cause the home woodworker the most difficulty.

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Access All Areas.

If you are bitten by the guitar making bug then Mark's "Access All Areas" package may be the thing for you.  A one off membership sign up fee and a small regular monthly membership fee gets you permanent access to all Marks current and future courses.  Here's what you get.

  • Design Your Own Electric Guitar
  • Build Your Own Guitar
  • Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar
  • All resources for each course
  • 20% off all wood, tools and parts!
  • Secret Sales and Special Deals
  • Direct Access to ask Q’s
  • PLUS – All future courses !

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