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Summit Fret Setting Tools

The new fret setter has been designed to overcome the shortcomings of other fret setters on the market.

2 sizes of radii to match the common profiles of fret wire.

sloping shoulder of the radiussed head raises the string to avoid accidentally "crimping" the guitar string.

Made of Brass to ensure the fret crowns are preserved.

Narrow Wire fret setter

Medium wire fret setter

Wide wire fret setter


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TONE UP 3D Bass Bridge

14 Apr 2017 11:22:00 By Bill Quinn Comments New Products

Pete Howlett’s Neck Carving DVD

Pete Howlett’s Neck Carving

Pete Howlett is a renowned builder of top quality Ukuleles that are appreciated by musi­cians the world over. With over 35 years of experience, his instruments really sing.  He is now passing on this experience through this neck carving DVD.

Pete’s has a reputation for teaching at the International Ukulele Building School where he has trained hundreds of students over the years in his traditional, and often innovative techniques and processes.

In this detailed teaching DVD, Pete Howlett shows how to carve Gibson style and Classic style ukulele necks.   These principles can also be applied to guitar necks as Pete goes from explaining the tools to use right through to the finished neck.

The subjects covered in the 2hr and 29 minute DVD are:









Available here from Tonetech for £29.95

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Summit Guitar Body and Neck clamping tools

 When joining body blanks or laminated necks most people use an assortment of G Clamps, sash clamps and other holding devices.  Summit Professional Guitar Tools has worked to eliminate much of the setup and breakdown time for clamping while improving accuracy.

Summit Clamping System












For Electric Guitar or Bass body blank clamping Summit have introduced a set of sash clamps that apply pressure in just the right place.  These clamps can be joined together with support joining plates to form a sturdy bed on which to lay your body blank halves.

The clamps are low profile giving them stability and are made from industrial quality heavy duty tempered steel - hardened to 40 – 45 HRc. They are Nickel plated for rust resistance and easy cleaning.

The clamps are engineered to offer the best grip and maximum power transmission.  The clamp jaws are angled slightly inwards to press the work down onto the clamp bed. The screw thread is engineered to give a strong clamping power coupled with speedy adjustment.


Body Blank Clamped

Body Blank clamped and held

To ensure there is no “slip or slide” of the joint while the glue is still wet, simply apply a pair of the quick release holding clamps. The quick release clamps are supplied with two sizes of clamping plates, the larger is preferred for body blanks and the smaller for neck blank laminating.

Like most of the Summit Professional Luthier tool range they are aimed at saving time in a busy custom shop.  The enthusiastic  amateur will also find this clamping system will help to make an accurately glued body blank.

Here's a short video showing the clamps being used.  Non-stick support plates are used here to prevent the assembly sticking to the clamps.  These are also available from Tonetech.



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Using the Summit range of foam abrasive pads wet for flat a lacquer finish.

Summit have produced a range of foam backed abrasives for sanding wood and lacquers.

There are 2 grades of foam abrasive for wet finishing a lacquer, Light and Smooth.  The video shows the pads being used by Sever Guitars. The water contains a few drops of washing up liquid.


3 Jun 2015 10:32:44 By Bill Quinn Comments New Products

Using the Summit range of foam abrasive pads for flatting a lacquer finish.

Summit have produced a range of foam backed abrasives for sanding wood and lacquers.

There are 3 grades of foam abrasive for lacquer finishing, Medium,  Light and Smooth.  The video shows the pads being used by Sever Guitars.


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Summit Fretting Hammers

Summit produce 2 sizes of fretting hammer, a 27mm head diameter and a 22mm head diameter.

Each hammer has a "softer" slightly cushioned face in a robust white plastic, and a harder clear amber plastic face.  Summit suggest to use the softer face to knock in the frets and the harder face to do the final seating of the frets.

The 27mm diameter head hammer weighs 210 grams  is for guitars and basses and the 22mm hammer weighs 170 grams for smaller instruments such as mandolins, banjos and ukuleles.


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Summit Ergonomic Fret Cutters

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is a smart little clamping device that sits over the tuner post of an acoustic or electric guitar.

The string threads through holes in the EZString and through the post.  After a short amount of winding the tuner the EZString grips the string so only a few more small turns of the tuner bring the string up to pitch.  The EZString acts like a locking device on the tuner post. 

EZString Black and EZString Clear are available on the Tonetech Website.

See how easy it is to fit and use in the video.


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Summit Fret Press Pliers.

These pliers are not just an adapted mole grip.  They are made for pressing frets.  Each plier is supplied with the same neck support as the bench mounted press, and a set of radius cauls.  The pliers are simple to adjust and have a quick release lever on the end of the handle.  Simple to set up, easy to use and a great time-saver.  The pliers lock in place if you are gluing frets and the quick release lever makes quick work of moving from one fret to the next.  The cauls supplied with the pliers are  Flat, 7.25”, 12” and 16”.  These are also available as individual cauls and the range includes 9.5”, 10”, 14” and 20”

For a short video showing the Summit Fret Pressing Pliers in action.

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