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Probably Europe's favourite luthier supplier


30th October, London International Guitar Show.

Tonetech is exhibiting for the first time at the London International Guitar Show at Kempton Park Racecourse on Sunday 30th October.  We’d love to meet some of our Southern customers so why not come along and say hello.

We’ll be bringing the new ToneUp range of products, Fret wire from Sintoms, a range of tools and a box of bargain goodies.  If you want to look at any particular products, let us know and we’ll see if we can bring them along.  Cash sales on the day is preferred but we should have our paypal card reader with us.  As long as wifi is working we can take card payments.


Japanese Bracing saw.

The smallest of our saws is made to enable you to cut bracing that is glued to the soundboard or back, without marking the surface of the surrounding wood.  The curved 66mm long blade has a minute 0.2mm kerf.  When making delicate, precise cuts this saw will offer maximum control.  The saw cuts on the pull stroke.


Gavitt Vintage Hook up wire.

We were asked by Bailey Guitars to see if we could stock Gavitt Cloth covered pre-tinned hook up wire.  We got in touch with Gavitt and had 1000 feet each of off-white cloth, and black cloth covered wires made.  It’s proving very popular so it won’t be long before we’re ordering more.


150 Grit Diamond Block.

Weighing in at 0.9kgs this 200mm x 69mm x 6mm steel plate is coating in 150 grit diamond abrasive.  Made in Japan this quality sharpening plate can be used to quickly restore sharp edges on chisels and plane irons.   It can double as a fret levelling tool as the diamond grit will quickly take down any high spots on your frets.


Small Dozuki Saw.

The smaller cousin to our standard Dozuki saw from Japan has a 150mm blade with a 0.3mm kerf.  The narrow kerf and sharp teeth enable precise saw cuts to be made with little effort.  We think this will become your “go to saw” when accuracy is required.  This saw cuts on the pull stroke.


Economy slot head tuners for acoustic guitars.

At the cheaper end of the scale for machine heads these Gotoh, “3 on a plate” slot head tuners are great value for money.  We’ve sold lots of the classical guitar version of these machine heads so we’ve added the acoustic post option for those who prefer the slot head style on their acoustic guitars.  The posts are 35mm apart.


Standard Fret Levelling File.

This double sided single cut file is designed to be used on Nickel Silver fret wire.  The file is 160mm x 25mm.  Diamond coated files are expensive so if you normally only work on nickel Silver Fret wire this is a good economic alternative.


4” Spring Clamps

Ideal clamps in a pack of 10.  Useful for clamping kerfings and linings and other small clamping jobs.  The jaws pivot to match the clamping angles. The jaws open to 40mm wide with a 40mm deep throat. 

10 Oct 2017 15:10:18 By Bill Quinn 0 Comments Newsletter Archive

Tonetech Newsletter Oct 2014

Summit Luthier Tools are now available in the UK from Tonetech Ltd.

Limited Stocks now and we are accepting pre-orders for delivery in 2-3 weeks

Summit Guitar Making Tools

The summit range of luthier tools has been designed for the professional instrument maker and repairer by Sever Custom Guitars. The designs are based on over 25 years experience using a mixture of commercially available and home fabricated tools.  Sever knows the importance of saving time while maintaining accuracy in the busy repair shop or luthier's workshop.

Here's an overview of part of the extensive Summit range of Luthier Tools.

Summit Fret End Cutter.

Summit Fret CutterDesigned with specially hardened jaws these cutters are designed to handle all fret wire including Stainless Steel.
The off-set handles give you knuckle clearance over the bench.  You can also use them in pairs for altering the radius of the fret wire.  The off-set handles give clearance when bending the wire.


Summit Fret Tang Cutter.

Summit Fret Tang CutterDesigned to cut Stainless Steel fret wire tangs this will handle all other fret wires easily. The guide plate is two sided.  The side marked 1 will cut wire around 2mm width and 1mm high, typical of Fender fret wire.  The reverse side of the plate will support medium jumbo wire around the 2.5mm wide and 1.4mm high.  Other guides are available. 
The advantage of using replaceable guides on the cutter means that unlike most other tang nippers, one set will cater for all sizes of wire by adding the appropriate and relatively inexpensive guide plate.


Summit Overhang Fret End Cutter

Summit Overhang Fret Cutters Jaw
This cutter is designed to nip off the fret overhang.  The tool removes the overhang perfectly saving lots of time filing the ends of the cut fret wire.  It is important to press down on the head of the tool while squeezing the jaws of the cutter.  This ensures the fret ends don’t lift.  All that is needed once the ends have been nipped off is a couple of strokes with a file and the ends are ready for beveling.

See the Summit Overhang Fret Cutter in action.

Summit Fret Puller.  You must see this in action!

Summit Fret PullerErgonomically designed fret pullers that minimise fingerboard tear out.  Simply ease one end of the fret and using one thumb to apply pressure to the head of the puller, squeeze the handle and move along the fret.  Each squeeze of the handle applies leverage under the fret and the face of the jaw presses down on the fingerboard.  I saw the video and thought “It can’t be that easy”, so I tried it.  It is that easy! 

Video of the Summit Fret Puller in Action


Summit Luthier's Press.  This is Fantastic!

Summit Fret PressThe basic luthier's press can be used to press frets or insert / remove machine head bushings.  Once set up the operation is accurate and repeatable.  
For fret pressing the standard accessory pack includes a neck support, caul holder and 4 cauls.  The radii of the cauls are Flat, 7.25”, 12” and 16”.  These are available as individual cauls and the range includes 9.5”, 10”, 14” and 20”
The cauls slot easily into the caul holder, held in place by small sprung ball bearings.  Once the press is set you can even change the cauls to accommodate a compound radius neck without having to re-set the press.  This quick change caul mechanism is a real time saver. The locking handle means you can hold the fret in place while gluing if required.

The insertion of removal of machine head bushings is achieved by swapping the fret pressing kit for the bushing kit.  There are two sizes of bush inserting / removal attachments, 6mm for guitars and 14mm for Bass. 

Summit Fret Press Pliers.

Summit Fret Press PliersThese pliers are not just an adapted mole grip.  They are made for pressing frets.  Each plier is supplied with the same neck support as the bench mounted press, and a set of radius cauls.  The pliers are simple to adjust and have a quick release lever on the end of the handle.  Simple to set up, easy to use and a great time-saver.  The pliers lock in place if you are gluing frets and the quick release lever makes quick work of moving from one fret to the next.  The cauls supplied with the pliers are  Flat, 7.25”, 12” and 16”.  These are also available as individual cauls and the range includes 9.5”, 10”, 14” and 20”.

For a short video showing the Summit Fret Pressing Pliers in action

Summit Fast Bridge Clamp.

Summit Fast Bridge ClampThe Fast Bridge Clamp has an adjustable caul for accurate positioning inside the guitar body and a padded outer caul that is adjusted to apply pressure to the centre and to the wings of the bridge.
The lower part of the clamp provides a metal plate to which you can attach a clamping caul.  This caul should straddle the bracing so it is in contact with the bridge plate / soundboard for maximum support to the bridge.  First un-wind the clamping screw then insert the lower caul into the guitar body.  Rotate the lower caul to follow the bridge line and position it under the bridge.  Rest the upper clamping caul on the glued bridge and wind the clamping screw down onto the upper caul.  Once the bridge is in the correct position, apply light pressure with the clamping screw and adjust and tighten the clamping wings.  This bridge clamp gives you visibility all around the bridge to check for glue squeeze-out and access for glue removal.

Summit Multi-purpose string pliers.

Summit String Things Firstly these pliers are great for cutting strings.  They do a few more neat jobs.  The rounded nose profile is used to bend over the cut edge of the string at the tuner post so that the sharp point of the string is facing the headstock.  No more painful jabs in the hand plus no tears to the inside of the guitar case.
There is a “v” crimper in the jaw that is useful for putting a sharp kink in the string to aid the stringing of a Floyd Rose Tremolo. The “V” shape crimp in the string provides a greater clamping area for the string and makes it easier to position the string in the centre of the saddle clamp.

See how these pliers help in re-stringing a guitar.

Summit Guitar Spanners

Summit Guitar SpannersThese spanners are 2mm thick and can be used to tighten most nuts on a guitar.  The sizes are 10, 12, 14 and 15mm plus a 7/16”.

Summit Box Spanners
Summit Slotted Box Spanner
There is also a range of box spanners.  These are high quality and not the garage, pressed metal variety.  A snug fit to the nuts ensures there is no marking of chrome or gold plated nuts.  For those repairing or fitting internal end pin jacks Summit has produced a slotted box  spanner so the internal nut can be held with the wiring in place.
27 Oct 2014 17:09:48 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

Tonetech Newsletter Aug 2014

Sintoms Fret Wire Profiles

Sintoms, one of the world’s major fret wire producers, is constantly researching the relationship between fret wire profiles, materials and the playability and influence on tone, sustain and volume.

They are the only company to innovate in this area. They recently launched two new fret profiles, the Asymmetric fret crown and the Frill fret crown. Read More about these Fret Profiles


New Products.

Sharp Edge Precision Tool Sharpening System

Keeping chisels and plan irons sharp can be a pain. The new sharpening system from Sharp Edge makes the whole process simple and quick.

The Sharp Edge Precision Tool Sharpening System provides an accurate edge angle and a quick method of sharpening and honing the tool blade by passing a range of diamond sharpening stones over the blade. See our video of the Sharp Edge System in use.

Why not come and try it out? See our Saturday opening information below.

Narex Firmer Chisels.

We've introduced 2 sets of firmer chisels from Narex. They are the top of the range, Woodline Plus chisels. The set of 4 includes 6, 12, 20 and 26mm chisels while the set of 6 has additional 10 and 16mm chisels plus a wooden presentation box. These sets make ideal gifts.

Magnifier Lamp.

We've been looking for a decent quality magnifier lamp for a while. We've now got one that has a sturdy anglepoise arm coupled with a large 5” magnifying glass and 22W circular lamp. The magnification is 1.5x and is ideal for detailed inlay work, soldering circuit boards, or if your eyes are like mine, reading the instructions on packaging!

Servisol Switch Cleaner.

200ml aerosol cans of Servisol Super 10 switch cleaner is now available. These aerosols must be delivered by a courier so maybe add one to a larger order to maximise the postage cost.

Irwin Allen Keys.

We've got hold of some imperial sets of Allen keys from Irwin Tools. The set includes the 0.05” hex for adjusting Fender saddles. In addition we have some T Bar Allen keys. An 1/8” useful for adjusting the neck angle on Fenders with this feature, and a 4mm T bar suitable for most metric truss rod nuts.

Saturday Opening. 6th September. 10am to 3pm.

We'll have our new products on display and the Sharp Edge Chisel and plan iron sharpener will be available for you to try. Bring along a chisel (or several) and have a go at sharpening them with the Sharp Edge Precision Tool Sharpening System.

8 Sep 2014 02:12:02 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

Why are some guitar parts so cheap?

If you cruise around ebay you will see some apparently great prices on guitar parts.  If you are doing up a cheap guitar then these will be fine.  If you are working on something of higher quality you will need to know a bit more about what you are buying.  We’ve started a blog series called Quality v Cheap where we try to make a direct comparison of the quality of cheap parts compared to reasonable / high quality parts.  

Most of Tonetech's guitar parts are supplied by Hosco or Gotoh in Japan.  They are high quality so we did some comparisons to bits we picked up from other UK based parts suppliers.

Here's one example of a tremolo bridge camparison.

Trem Unit, top viewTrem unit block

The Hosco trem block weighs in at 343gms while the cheaper one weighs only 124gms.  You can see the difference in the size of the block and the crude chamfer around the mounting holes compared to the Hosco version in the right hand picture.

Narex Chisels and Wood Carving tools

Most guitar makers and repairers use some general woodworking tools.  I’ve been able to get hold of some tools manufactured by Narex of the Czech Republic. Narex Butt Chisels Set of 4 The Narex set of butt chisels seem ideal for the delicate chiselling jobs when working on instruments.  They hold a sharp edge and will last a lifetime.  In addition to chisels I have some carving tools and a set of chip carving knives.  The Narex chip carving knives are great for “F Hole” carving.
See my blog explaining how Narex Tools are hardened.

Mark Bailey Guitar Design Course

Mark, of Bailey Guitars has produced the first, comprehensive online electric guitar design course.  The video course covers all the basic aspects of drawing your guitar, through to the more complex options such as choosing the neck joint type and carving the body.
This course is filled with well explained tips to ensure your hardware is correctly positioned.  Mark guides you through the production of a full scale working drawing from which you can make your own guitar, or hand it over to a guitar maker.
To supplement the course you get access to drawings to make patterns via a downloadable PDF.

Mark is offering all Tonetech customers a 50% discount coupon which gets you LIFETIME access!
To sign up for the online course follow this link. How to Design Your Own Guitar by Mark Bailey"

Saturday opening

We are open on Saturday August 2nd.  Call into the store for a chat, a brew and maybe buy something?  You can browse our guitar making book library or chat with other customers.
Opening Hours, 10am til 3pm.   There’s a café on site if you fancy a breakfast, bacon butty, or maybe some lunch.

28 Jul 2014 14:43:23 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

Diamond fret file from Hosco

Gotoh Diamond Fret FileHosco have launched a new Diamond coated fret crowning file.  The single  hexagonal file has 3 filing faces, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm radius.  The non filing side opposing each crowning face has the numbers 1, 2 or 3  engraved so you can easily see which size crown you are using.
Those of you who work with stainless steel fret wire will find this file ideal.  For Nickel Silver and Nickel Free wire the diamond abrasive will make short work of fret re-crowning jobs.


Gotoh Relic Hardware for Strat Style Guitars.

Gotoh Relic Guitar HardwareGotoh have made a complete set of aged electric guitar hardwarefor those who want the “relic” look to their instrument.  Gotoh have aged all the component parts before assembly so that they can be sure all the moving parts will operate to their highest standard.
The Set comprises Tremolo,  SD90 machine heads, Jack socket cover, neck plate, string trees and strap buttons.


Wilkinson pickups.

wilkinson pickup setStrat Syle single coil pickups are widely available.  TrevorWilkinson Licensed single coil pickups are produced all around the world, to varying standards.  We now have Japanese made Wilkinson single coil pickup sets  in stock made to highest standards.  The Bridge pickup is slightly overwound and the middle pickup is reverse wound.


Tunomatic bridge

Gotoh Tunomatic Bridge and TailpieceLes Paul © style guitars utilise the tunomatic style bridge and tailpiece.  Gotoh  of Japan produce some of the better quality tunomatic components.  New in at Tonetech are their GE101Z Electric Guitar Tailpiece and GE103B Bridge, in Nickel or Chrome Finish


Jumbo Stainless Steel Fret Wire 3.0mm

For those who like super jumbo stainless steel fret wire we now have in stock  Jescar’s  FW58118.
Crown Width 0.118", Crown Height 0.058"
Crown Width 3.0mm, Crown Height 1.47mm

Scrapers and burnisher

Scraper Set and Burnisher 


Crown Hand Tools in the UK have a long established reputation for producing high quality wood working tools  using Sheffield Steel.  We've included their set of 3 scrapers and their burnisher for those makers and repairers who like to get the smoothest of finishes on their wood.  The burnisher will also sharpen our mini scraper sets.


Violin Nut files

Violin Nut Files from HoscoIf you are into setting up Violins then Hosco's latest set of nut files may interest you.  The set of 4 Violin Nut Fileshas plastic handles and each one is clearly marked with the file sizes.  0.020” for the E, 0.026” for A, 0.032” for D and 0.040 for G. They are supplied in a clear plastic tube.

A fascinating Video from MTM Wood showing the construction of a 3D chequer board guitar body blank.  Making a 3D Chequerboard Body Blank

10 Jun 2014 14:47:10 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

New Mini Scraper Set.

Mini Scraper SetThis set of 5 shaped scrapers from Hosco in Japan, each of which is only a few centimetres across, is ideal for the instrument repairer. The small scrapers help to apply the tool precisely to the area being repaired. Spot finishing of lacquer and paintwork can be easily leveled. The scrapers are also useful when scraping back wood or plastic binding or getting into tight spaces to remove old glue. Made from high quality Japanese tool steel.

Sintoms Fret Tang Cutter Limiter

Sintoms Fret Tang Cutter Limiter
Sintoms have launched a new accessory for their acclaimed Fret Tang Cutter. The Fret Limiting Device is attached to the Tang Cutter to act as a depth stop. This takes the guesswork out of cutting the tangs off fret wire being fitted to a bound fingerboard. It ensures accurate tang cutting and speeds up the process. Anyone regularly fretting bound fingerboards will find this a great time saver. To see how it works take a look at our video/blog. Sintoms Fret Tang Cutter and Guide

Left Hand / Right Hand Poll

Nationally the percentage of left handed people is around 11%. Our Poll asked the question, “Are you a right handed or left handed guitar player”. Of the 137 respondents 17% said they were left handed players. While this is not a scientific study it begs the question “What percentage of guitars in a music shop are left handed?” I guess no more than 2 or 3%, and they are generally more expensive!

Coming soon, Relic parts from Gotoh.

Gotoh Relic PartsThere are lots of relic parts available that are simply new parts dipped in an acid bath for a bit. This dipping of a finished part can damage moving parts, particularly on machine heads and tremolos. Gotoh have produced a relic finish on their parts before assembly, so that bits that are supposed to move, turn and revolve, do so without being hindered by rough, acid etched surfaces.


Jumbo Stainless Steel Fretwire.

Jescar FW58118 Stainless SteelJescar recently introduced theirFW58118 fret wire in Stainless Steel. The crown width is 3.0mm and the height is 1.47mm. We now have a stock of this fret wire so if you like your fret wire super hard and super Jumbo, this is the one for you.


Sintoms EQH Fretwire for electric Guitars, 1.4mm Crown Height.

Sintoms EQH Fret WireWe now stock this novel fret wire from Sintoms.  EQH stands for "Equal Height".  This pack of 6 straight pieces of 260mm each contains 2 different crown widths, both of which are 1.4mm in crown height. The idea is the wider of the two widths is installed from the nut end of the fingerboard.  The narrower wire is installed at the high end, thus creating more finger
 space between the higher frets.

There are 3 alternative width combinations in the 1.4mm high wire.
2.3mm and 2.7mm
2.3mm and 2.8mm
2.5mm and 2.8mm

8 May 2014 14:52:55 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

Tonetech Newsletter
January 2013

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”
? Plato

New Product News

Story of the "Made in the UK" Notched straight edge.

Norched Straight EdgeUseful to check the straightness of a fretted fingerboard prior to fret levelling on a guitar. Made in the UK from Stainless Steel with both long and short scales.
We had "fun" getting these made.  First, a friend of mine, Brian Aungiers, who is a very accomplished guitar maker, drew the product on his CAD software.  We then got a laser cutting company to make the notched straight edges.  When we got them back they were a long way from being straight.  I checked out the cost of getting them ground flat but as they were non-magnetic stainless steel the grinding companies had to clamp each tool individually and the cost worked out at £35 per item! 
Ciara, our favourite young employee has got to know Dean from a bearing supplier in the same mill as Tonetech through chatting on her smoke breaks.  Dean knows John who runs a small engineering company who said he could mill the straight edges flat, no problem.  4 Weeks later ( Christmas intervened), the straight edges were staight, as were the high fret finders below. Result!

High fret finder.

High Fret FinderPrecision milled in the UK from stainless steel this 4 sided tool is used to span any 3 frets on the fingerboard to locate any “high” frets.

Two new reamers for guitar makers.

Guitar Bridge Hole ReamerHigh quality reamers in 3 degree and 5 degree tapers to make the perfect fit for your acoustic guitar bridge pins.
Each has 3 flutes and an un-fluted section to ensure the hole remains round.

Electric Guitar Tip.

Crimson Guitars in the UK has made available a number of guitar making videos on youtube. With their kind permission we've made this one available on Tonetech TV. How to prevent a control pot shorting in a shielded control cavity.

If you need a sheet of plastic for this check out our range of plastic sheet materials.

For more videos from Crimson Guitars follow this link. Crimson Guitars Workshop diary


In summer last year we embarked on a project to produce a hard copy catalogue. I never guessed it would take so long to get it produced. We should be completing the final review later this week and with any luck (I've been wrong 3 times already!) it should be available in February. Then its time to start the next issue!
31 Jan 2013 13:24:40 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

Tonetech Newsletter December 2012

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.”
? Bob Dylan

Guitar Show
We had a great time at the Merseyside Guitar Show and met up with many of our local customers. There was a great deal of interest in the wide range of tools we exhibited, in particular the new fret levelling tool from Hosco; more about which later.

We had lots of sign ups for our forthcoming catalogue. It should be out just after Christmas so save all that Christmas present money and shop for more guitar making bits in January.

What's new?
Hosct Fret Levelling / Bevelling FileHosco have just launched a new diamond fret bevelling and levelling tool. The tool comprises a 150 x 38mm, 600 grit, diamond coated plate attached to a wooden handle. One edge of the plate has a 35 degree angle to bevel the fret ends. Simply lie the tool on its side and the overhanging abrasive surface makes the perfect angle for fret bevelling. Hosco have gone that extra mile and the steel plate has the diamond abrasive coating on both sides so should one side ever wear out, unscrew the plate and use the reverse side.

Canadian Flame Maple Tops and Sitka Spruce Soundboards.
We have 2A and 3A grade 25mm thick flame maple book-matched tops in from British Columbia. Lovely figure ideal for Les Paul and other carved top electric guitars. We took the opportunity to bring in some nice 2A grade Sitka Spruce Soundboards. We have some nice, clean straight grain soundboards and some "bearclaw" sets too!

We've also re-introduced Classical Rosettes onto our range. We've begun with 4 alternatives so check these out. If they prove to be good sellers we'll expand the range.

Coming soon.
A wide range of pick-up screws and springs. When you are repairing a guitar or working on a doer-uper, the chances are the pick up screws or springs have been lost or replaced with the wrong parts. We've got a whole range of springs and screws on the way from Hosco in Japan in nickel, Gold and Black finishes.

Here in January.

Notched straight edges for checking the fingerboard straightness and a high fret locating tool, both in stainless steel.

Christmas Shipping.
Our last shipping day for orders this year is Friday 21st December. As Royal Mail and the courier providers like to enjoy a break between Christmas and New Year there may be short delays in deliveries placed in the week before Christmas. Tonetech will close between Christmas and New Year, returning on Wednesday 2nd January 2013.
Online ordering will be available throughout the Christmas break.

Guitar Bench
Is an online lutherie magazine showing works of top class luthiers. If you like to browse the work of some master luthiers then check out this publication.

Finally, if you are stuck for something to do over Christmas, why not check out this hour long video from Curtin University, Australia, looking at the physics behind the sound of a guitar.

Making Sound with Physics in Mind.

11 Dec 2012 23:28:00 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive
Working to become the UK's favourite Luthier Supplier
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Tonetech  Oct 2012 Newsletter

“I don’t read music. I don’t write it. So I wander around on the guitar until something starts to present itself.”
- James Taylor

New Hardware Products.

Bass lovers should check out our electric guitar hardware section. We've got some nice bridges and tuners in from Hosco and Gotoh for both 4 and 5 string basses.
5 St Bass Bridge Chrome


Is your knob loose or cracked? Painful! If the cream isn't working why not buy a new knob. We have an assortment of Fender and Gibson control knobs now in stock.Gibson Guitar Control Knobs



Tonetech Waterborne Lacquer
We've been using our new waterborne lacquer on an electric guitar and my refurbished acoustic. Ideally you should spray this lacquer but we've pushed it to it's limits by brushing it on with a foam brush. It self-levels pretty well and once dry sands without clogging the sandpaper.

We also used our new Flexipad polisher system to bring out the full gloss.

Here's a quick video demo of the lacquer being brushed onto my acoustic guitar.
Applying Waterborne Lacquer


The Merseyside Guitar Show.
Aintree Racecourse Exhibition Centre. Ormskirk Rd, Liverpool L9 5AS. Sunday 25th November 2012 10am to 4.30pm. We'll have a stand there so if you are at a loose end why not come and say hello and pick up a few early Christmas presents, otherwise you know it will be handkerchiefs, socks and slippers again!


Childline Rocks.

On October 14th the music industry is holding a Guitar World Record Attempt in aid of Childline. In addition to the fastest shredder, they hope to beat the world record for the number of electric guitars playing at the same time.

Bill, from Tonetech, is registered and is taking his home made tele along to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. If you'd like to support the event you can make a small donation as follows.

11 Oct 2012 14:15:00 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive

Tonetech September 2012 Newsletter

“Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.”
- Jimi Hendrix

Offer on Aerosols

Having spent most of the summer weeks in the workshop, keeping dry, you are probably ready to apply the finish to your latest guitar making project. For the next month we've slashed the price of our aerosol spray paints and lacquers. All solid colours and tints are reduced from £17.21 to £14.50. All our clear lacquers and sanding sealer are £12.50. Why not stock up and order over £80s worth of products and get free postage. 

Hofner Violin Bass
Paul McCartney specials were released this year for the “Hofner violin bass”. Hofner have released a video to show us all how these special instruments are made. There's a mixture of machine production and hand finishing so we're sure you will enjoy this video.  Hofner Violin Base Making.

New hardware products coming soon.
Tonetech have always set out to provide quality products. We are adding to our range of hardware for electric guitars. So far we have a variety of Japanese made switches and pots. In the next few weeks we'll be adding electric guitar control knobs, and a bit later a range of bass bridges and machine heads. What do you want us to stock?

Bench Cookies.
Bench CookieThese great little rubberised blocks are not that well known over here in the UK. When it comes to supporting your guitar project they hold the work on their cushioned pads and won't slip and slide around on the bench. Check out our bench cookie video on TonetechTV

5 Steps to create a butterscotch blonde finish
Butterscotch blonde is a paint finish that is normally applied over a swamp ash guitar body.

  1. First fill the grain in the swamp ash with a neutral grain filler.  Sand smooth.Tonectech Cartoon character
  2. Now apply a couple of coats of clear nitrocellulose sanding sealer.  This provides the base for the colour.
  3. Next apply a few coats of Blonde nitrocellulose tint.  This is a translucent off white.  Too many coats and you will obscure the grain.
  4. Follow this with a few light coats of nicotine nitrocellulose tinted lacquer.  Result, Butterscotch blonde.
  5. Finally, coat with 4-6 coats of clear gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, allow to harden for a week, then flatten and polish the lacquer finish.
6 Sep 2012 12:00:26 By Bill Quinn Comments Newsletter Archive
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