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Comparison of some cheap control knobs with Hosco Knobs

Strat Style Knob comparison


The Hosco Knob has a much thicker central boss, cleaner lettering and weighs around 3.5gms compared to 2.8gms for the cheap version.

The skinny boss can mean it is easy to split it when fitting or removing the knob.






Strat Syle Knobs Top View

The Lettering is crisper on the Hosco model and while it is hard to see the colouring of the letters the cheaper on is a very yellowy gols while the Hosco one is a deep gold colour.








Speed Knob comparison


Here you can see the quality difference between the cheap copy and the Hosco Knob. The central boss on the Hosco knob is much more robust and the loulding is altogether cleaner.

24 Jul 2014 18:00:59 By Bill Quinn Comments Quality V Cheap

Comparison of Gotoh GB707 Bass Machine Head and a Chinese made Wilkinson Bass Machine Head.

Gotoh Bass Machine Head



The Gotoh GB 707 has a much more substantial string post. The diameter is 11mm vs 8.5 on the Wilkinson. The gotoh model weighs in at 64 grams vs 56 gms.



Gotoh Bass Machine Head 2


The Lug for the screw fitting is more substantial on the Gotoh model and the plated finish is smoother and more even.



Gotoh GB 707

Wilkinson Bass Tuner

Post Diameter






Gear Ratio





21 Jul 2014 22:29:57 By Bill Quinn Gotoh, Parts, Comments Quality V Cheap

Comparison of Hosco Mini Pots and Cheaper Pots

From the outside there are a few differences in quality. The Hosco pot has a well cut and long threaded portion of the shaft while the cheaper one has a crudely cut thread. When you open up these pots you see the real difference in quality.


Pot comparison 1 

The insulated plate on the Hosco model is thicker and measures 1.72mm thick while the cheaper model is more crudely moulded and only 1.26mm thick.

The threaded column on the Hosco Model is longer and the thread is deep and clean.





Pot Comparison 2



The Rotor housing on the Hosco model is moulded from a thick, solid piece of plastic. The cheaper model is hollowed out to save weight and cost.

20 Jul 2014 18:17:01 By Bill Quinn Guitar, parts, Comments Quality V Cheap

Do you get what you pay for with Gotoh Machine Heads?

At Tonetech we stock Gotoh machine heads as they have a fabulous variety on offer and the quality is superb.

When you compare for example, the Gotoh SG 381 tuner with a cheaper one you can feel the difference immediately.

On the cheap one, the string post waggles around from side to side with about 3mm of play.  The button is a bit smaller, and the finish on the body looks thin and uneven.

Machine Head ComparisonThe Gotoh tuner has their “Rock Steady” post technology; it simply does not move from the vertical. This means less wear on the gears and accurate and stable pitch of the string. The screw lug on the side of the tuner is more substantial on the Gotoh product.

The Gotoh SG381 weighs 32gms versus the cheaper one weighing in at 28gms.

Machine Heads must withstand the string tensions of the strings so a more robust, Gotoh machine head seems good value.

The screw heads on the tiny screws that hold the machine head body in place vary in quality.  The cheaper ones are made of a soft alloy and a close inspection of the screw head reveals a poorly formed phillips cross head.  It is easy to strip this or snap the scew when fitting it.  The Gotoh Machine Head scerws on the other hand are well machined and fit the screw driver head snugly.

16 Jul 2014 18:17:00 By Bill Quinn Gotoh, Machine, Heads, Comments Quality V Cheap

Tremolo Unit with Steel Block from Hosco


The Hosco trem block weighs in at 343gms while the cheaper one weighs only 124gms. You can see the difference in the size of the block. The heavier steel block in the Hosco model will improve sustain and eliminate that “tinny” tone you get with the cheaper models.

Tremolo Block Comparison















Hosco's steel block also has the string ball end recess located close to the bottom of the block, thereby maximising the mass of the block. Cheaper ones are often drilled out way up into the block.

The chamfered mounting plate must be accurately shaped to ensure smooth movement of the trem when using the trem arm. The Hosco plate has a clearly milled flat chamfer countersunk on the back for snag free tilting. The cheaper one has a partly milled chamfer and no countersinking under the plate.


At the time of writing the cheap tremolo sell from around £15 on ebay.  The Hosco one with a steel block is around £45.  You will hear the difference!


trem block front

10 Jul 2014 01:36:00 By Bill Quinn Comments Quality V Cheap
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