Tonetech’s first “education” event was held on July 16th 2017. Guitar Maker, Jim Fleeting gave a fascinating presentation on the subject of the guitar soundboard. He covered all aspects of soundboard design and construction.

The audience were treated to some “insider” secrets that Jim had learned during his training at the Roberto Venn Luthier school in America, and during seminars given by Ervin Somogyi on soundboard voicing.

We learned about the relationship between soundboard thickness, soundhole dimensions and positions, and bracing patterns. The presentation was a helpful mixture of science and opinion and the attendees left the session knowing how they can control the voicing of the guitars they want to build.

We had a practical session on choosing a soundboard, both for it’s visual appeal and it’s sound properties. The whole audience was involved at one time practicing “tapping” the soundboard blanks so they can distinguish between “good and bad” soundboards.



After the session, the Tonetech Staff spent a happy half hour tapping all our stock of soundboards so we can help our customers choose their favourite.

Log SplittingIn addition to the soundboard lecture we were treated to a demonstration of traditional log splitting by Tony Williams. Tony, a lifelong Antique furniture restorer, demonstrated the use of traditional log splitting tools on some laburnum logs that are now being dried to become fingerboards in 12 months’ time.

Throughout the whole event the attendees had opportunities to talk one to one with Jim and Tony, and to chat with each other to exchange views and opinions on guitar making. The feedback for the event has been tremendous so we’re looking forward to planning the next one!