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Gold MOP Inlay Set

Gold MOP Inlay Set


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Gold MOP Inlay Set

  • 10 Piece Gold Mother of Pearl inlay set for a guitar fingerboard.
  • The 10 rectangular pieces decrease in size height and increase in width to give a great looking fingerboard inlay.

Rough Dimensions (Each set might have slightly different measurements)

Piece 1 - 27mm x 21mm x 1.5mm

Piece 2 - 24mm x 23.5mm x 1.5mm

Piece 3 - 24mm x 21mm x 1.5mm

Piece 4 - 26mm x 18mm x 1.5mm

Piece 5 - 28mm x 15mm x 1.5mm

Piece 6 - 29mm x 12mm x 1.5mm

Piece 7 - 31mm x 9mm x 1.5mm

Piece 8 - 32mm x 7mm x 1.5mm

Piece 9 - 32mm x 6mm x 1.5mm

Piece 10 - 34mm x 6mm x 1.5mm

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