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JLD Bridge System – Brass Pin Mount Version

JLD Bridge System – Brass Pin Mount Version


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JLD Bridge System – Brass Pin Mount Version

Guitar strings constantly pull your acoustic guitar’s bridge up and forward, with a force of approximately 250 lbs. Over time, the tension causes the top of your guitar to warp out of shape. This is usually referred to as bowing or “bellying” of the soundboard – The JLD Bridge System has been designed to fix this problem. It installs easily through the soundhole in minutes and requires no modification to your acoustic guitar.

The JLD Bridge System consists of three separate parts; the mounting block, tension rod and 6 brass bridge pins.

The JLD Bridge System uses a brass pin instead of a screw to attach the mounting block, using the plastic post, under the bridge. There are six brass pins included. The tension rod is then installed between the mounting block and the tail-block of the guitar. The grub screw is then tightened against the tension rod. This added tension, applied by the Bridge System to the bridge, counteracts the pull of the strings and the warpage of the top.


The JLD Bridge System requires absolutely no permanent modifications to your acoustic guitar. You can easily remove the device at any time.

Installing one of these systems will change the sound of your guitar, primarily because you are attaching something to the underside of the sound-board. The Bridge Doctor affords extra rigidity to the guitar bridge which tends to increase sustain, volume and enhance harmonics. This does however impact the vibration characteristics of the sound-board. The overall effect will differ dependent upon various factors; the shape and size of the guitar and the woods used in its construction.

Don’t over-tighten the Bridge Doctor– be patient, the wood will take time to settle down and flatten. We recommend gradually applying tension over a number of days.

You will also need an imperial Allen Key for adjusting the tension which is not included.

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