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Luthiers Friend ™ Sanding Station

Luthiers Friend ™ Sanding Station


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Luthiers Friend ™ Sanding Station

  • A phenolic resin covered table with a locking micro adjustable fence
  • A 2" x 3" Heavy Duty Robo-Sander™
  • A dust collector which connects to your shop vac.
  • Extra sanding sleeves 50, 80, and 120 grit.
  • Instructions and safety sheet



The Luthier's Friend ™ consists of a 254mm x 305mm (10" x 12") laminated basewith a micro-adjustable fence and 2x3" heavy duty sanding drum with a lower guide bearing.

Mount it on your drill press, make a few quick adjustments, and you are ready to go.

You can thickness and pattern sandwood up to 2-7/8 " tall (73mm).

Lock the fence in position and make a heavy cut to sand a your material to a rough dimension. Remove a few thousandths of an inch by turning the spring loaded micro-adjust knob, locking the fence, and running the part through again.

When the Robo-Sander™ is locked in the full down position, the guide wheel becomes a lower bearing insuring the stability needed for accurate thickness sanding. This also eleminates deflection and wear and tear on the drill press. Dust free operation is achieved with even the smallest shop vac attached to the dust shroud surrounding the drum.

In the up position, use the Robo-Sander™ flush trim sander to duplicate parts using a template or even an old part as a pattern. Lower the flush trim bearing into the table and you have a very stable sanding drum with which you can quickly freehand complex shapes. When you are not using the Luthier's Friend™, You can hang it on the wall and use the drill press as you normally would.

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