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Nut files set of 10 from Hosco

Nut files set of 10 from Hosco


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Set of 10, graduated Nut files.

    Hosco's set of 10 Nut files are renowned for their high quality and precision. Each file has parallel sides and two rounded edges. We recommend using these files to finish the nut slots. Use a diamond knife file to rough in the slots.

  • Hosco Guitar Nut Files are graduated to ensure your guitar nut accurately matches the gauge of your guitar strings.
  • Accurately filed guitar nuts ensure your guitar plays without rattles and buzzes at the nut.
  • Each nut file has a rounded edge so that the string slots perfectly into place.
  • Whether you are using bone, tusk or graphite guitar nuts, these nut slotting files will give you perfect results.
  • This set is essential for guitar repairers for classical, acoustic and electric guitar nuts.
  • Sizes, 0.010", 0.013", 0.016", 0.024", 0.028", 0.032", 0.036", 0.042", 0.046", 0.056".
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