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Relic Patina

Relic Patina


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Relic Patina

Product specially developed to enhance the ageing of the guitar..

  • You can easily apply it with a cloth or brush, let it dry for a few minutes and remove it with a clean cloth.
  • The product will darken small dents in the varnish, cracks and give an aged appearance to the wooden parts visible on the guitar.
  • In just a few minutes you can achieve an aged look on your guitar

What is relic Patina?

If you are looking to turn your guitar into an authentic vintage guitar, Nitorlack Relic Patina is the perfect solution.

By applying this product to a cracked or dented guitar, you will achieve an aged appearance by filling in and highlighting these flaws.

On the other hand, if your guitar has parts of the wood with hardly any varnish left, you will be able to darken it without any difficulty, and achieve the desired vintage look. Therefore, you can easily make your guitar look like it has been played for years.

Implementation guide:

  • It is recommended to combine with Lacquer Relic or Lacquer Golden age. Once the guitar comes out of the freezer, the cracks will be more open. At this point the product should be applied.
  • Simply apply a generous amount and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then use a clean cloth and wipe the surface until it is completely clean. As a water-based product it is easily removed, but if left to dry for more than 5-10 minutes it will be more costly to remove.
  • Repeat the process 1 or 2 more times to get the product to stand out more in the wood and mark the cracks more.

Other different applications:

  • When applied to a rosewood or pao ferro fingerboard, it will darken the wood to the rich tone of golden age Brazilian rosewood with the look and feel of a very old fingerboard.
  • When we apply Relic Patina to the back of a mast that has been sanded down to the wood, we will get a brown and worn effect.

This product is formulated inwater-based, so it is non-toxic and does not attack any type of nitrocellulose finish, only the use of gloves is recommended for its application because its colour is intense.

One pot is enough for one or two guitars..

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