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Summit Fast Bridge Clamp

Summit Fast Bridge Clamp


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Summit Fast Bridge Clamp

  • Sturdy Aluminium Frame. 1.5kgs Weight
  • Padded Bridge Caul
  • Adjustable for a variety of acoustic and classical bridges
  • No more fiddling with slipping C
  • Easy access for glue removal 

The Fast Bridge Clamp has an adjustable caul for accurate positioning inside the guitar body and a padded outer caul that is adjusted to apply pressure to the centre and to the wings of the bridge.

The lower part of the clamp provides a metal plate to which you can attach a clamping caul. This caul should straddle the bracing for maximum support to the bridge. First un-wind the clamping screw then insert the lower caul into the guitar body. Rotate the lower caul to follow the bridge line and position it under the bridge. Rest the upper clamping caul on the glued bridge and wind the clamping screw down onto the upper caul. Once the bridge is in the correct position, apply light pressure with the clamping screw and adjust and tighten the clamping wings. This bridge clamp gives you visibility all around the bridge to check for glue squeeze-out and access for glue removal.

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