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The Original String Stretcha

The Original String Stretcha

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The Original String Stretcha

 1) Change your strings and tune guitar.

2) Starting at the bridge, insert the string in the front groove followed by the back groove, which we call the "heel".

3) Holding the tool, gently lean your hand back so the string at the heel is parallel with the other string.

4) Don't pull "up" too high or drag the heel on the fret board.

5) Keeping the string at the heel parallel with the other strings, slide the tool along the string toward the nut (the tool should go as far as the first fret). Then, pull it back to the bridge.

6) Tune and repeat this procedure - we recommend doing this twice. Sometimes a third stretch is required, usually with thicker gauge strings.


CAUTION: Repeating this procedure more than four times can result in overstretching the strings.

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