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Thickness Feeler Gauge 20 sizes (inch and metric)

Thickness Feeler Gauge 20 sizes (inch and metric)


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Thickness Feeler Gauge (inch and metric sizes)


  • Measure string action
  • Measure nut slot depths
  • Measure fret slot width
  • Measure string to fret clearances


0.04mm (.0015")0.05mm(.002"), 0.06mm(.0025"), 0.10mm(.004"), 0.15mm(.006"), 0.18mm(.007"), 0.20mm(.008"), 0.25mm(.010"), 0.30(.012"), 0.35mm(.014"), 0.40mm(.016"), 0.45mm(.018"), 0.50mm(.020"), 0.55mm(.022"), 0.60mm(.024"), 0.63mm(.025"), 0.65mm(.026"), 0.70mm(.028"), 0.75mm(.030"), 0.80mm(.032")

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