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Preval Spray Complete, Rechargeable

Preval Spray Complete, Rechargeable


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Preval Spray, Rechargeable

This refillable spray allows you to apply in spray format products that come in liquid format, such as polyurethane or water-based products.

Introduce the product you want to apply in the glass bottle, dilute and start applying it until you get a good result.

It stands out for the ease of use with all our products, for those customers who do not have a professional paint spray gun.

Refillable spray with glass bottle

When to use the refillable spray can?

In case you have not opted to use our nitrocellulose spray and wish to use a polyurethane or water-based solution, but do not have a spray gun, the refillable spray is for you.

The refillable spray allows you to spray your paint, nitrocellulose, polyurethane or waterborne for a beautiful, even finish.

What products can the refillable spray can be combined with?

The refillable spray can be used with our various lacquer, waterborne polyurethane and nitrocellulose products. The proportion in which the product has to be diluted depends on the product to be used.

Preparation and application of the product:

  1. The refillable spray comes in 2 parts, a glass bottle and the refillable spray.
    Fill the glass bottle with no more than 170 ml of the paint you wish to use to finish your guitar kit. Make sure you have shaken the paint beforehand so that it is homogeneous,
  2. Screw the refillable spray article into the glass container,
  3. Spray the paint onto the body and neck of the guitar to obtain the desired finish.

Please note that the glass canister is reusable as many times as necessary and you can only buy refill for the spray products, simply leave the canister clean.

The refill spray can sprays a total of 500-600mL of paint with a pressure of 4.4bar and a 4mm nozzle.
A refill is also available to extend the life of this product.

Refillable spray


Gas unit: 3 oz. (85.05 gr) Propellant, with a yield of 453.6 in liquid (16 oz).

(ecological and innocuous)

Spray pressure: 4.4 bar.

Glass tumbler capacity: 6 oz./ 170ml (reusable)

Viscosity: 17 sec for 100 ccm liquids

4-mm nozzle (DIN EN ISO 2431).

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