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Preval Spray Replacement

Preval Spray Replacement


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Preval Spray Replacement

A replacement for the Preval Spray Complete


Apply any type of paint with spray. Of one or two components. Nitrocellulose, polyurethane, water or dyes.

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REPLACEMENT for PREVAL rechargeable spray.

You can apply any type of paint, water-based or solvent, monocomponent or bicomponent, versatile, with high-thickness spray of 4 mm and with a pressure of 4.4 bars.

Ease of application with nitrocellulose, polyurethane or dyes.

– Versatile and economical, this rechargeable spray ensures professional finishes

– Multifunction: You can apply, backgrounds, finishes, dyes etc.

– Fill the base with the liquid you want.

– Get perfect powders in just a few minutes, without the need to use advanced professional equipment.

– Fully rechargeable spray, the glass tank is reusable as many times as desired. Recharge it whenever you want, just leave the container clean.


Gas unit: 3 oz. (85.05 gr) Propellant, with a yield of 453.6 in liquid (16 oz).

(ecological and innocuous)

Spray pressure: 4.4 bar.

Glass tumbler capacity: 6 oz./ 170ml (reusable)

Viscosity: 17 sec for 100 ccm liquids

4-mm nozzle (DIN EN ISO 2431).


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